Vacuum Breakers

Vacuum Breakers

When a steam system shuts down, the remaining steam condenses into water, which takes up a much smaller volume than the original steam. This creates a vacuum, which can damage equipment if not relieved of in a timely way. Vacuums prevent gravity draining systems from working properly, which can lead to frozen condensate and burst piping.

Vacuum Breakers are simple, reliable devices that provide a positive means to automatically relieve or “break” an unwanted vacuum condition.

Available Vacuum Breakers

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Barnes & Jones Vacuum Breaker Spec Sheet

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Vacuum breakers are available in sizes from 1/8” up to 4” NPT.

⅜” & ¾” NPT is also available with field adjustable range from ¼” to 20” (8 – 508mm) Hg Vacuum for use on closed vessels and piping systems to control induced vacuum within safe limits.

  • Protection of pressure vessels and piping collapse from vacuum conditions.
  • Prevention of freezing due to excess condensate remaining in the system.
  • Reduction of water hammer due to vacuum caused by control valve operation.

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