Boiler Controls

Boiler Controls

Having a properly working boiler is the backbone of any steam or hydronic heating system, which is why you need to make sure that the controls and accessories are in good working order.

Whether it’s an operating or limit pressure control, low-water cut-off, or any other part, Keystone Steam Supplies can help you find the parts you need to get the job done.

Available Boiler Controls

Scroll the chart below for an overview of boiler controls Keystone commonly supplies.

Please contact us for questions, quotations and inquiries. We can also help you find boiler controls not listed here.

Related Boiler Products & Accessories

Keystone offers a variety of related boiler products and accessories. Please visit the sections below for more information.



Temperature Gauges are available in rectangular or dial styles, with options for units, temperature range, connection size, materials of construction and style. Multiple styles of temperature and pressure gauges are available.

Gauge Glass Guardian

Gauge Glass Guardian

Gauge Glass Guardian, sold exclusively through Keystone Steam Supplies, is your safeguard against personal injury, which could be caused by the accidental breakage of tubular Gauge Glass and the leakage of steam or hot water that occurs as a result.

Tubular Sight Glass

Tubular Sight Glass

Tubular sight glass can be ordered as either clear or red-line in various O.D.’s, thicknesses and lengths. Reflex glass, flat glass and other sight glass accessories are also available.

Safety Relief Valve


Multiples styles of valves from a wide range of manufacturers are available; safety relief, blowdown, test and check, trycocks and more.

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Boilers can fail for three reasons. These are:

  1. Overpressurization of the boiler
  2. Insufficient water in the boiler causing overheating and vessel failure
  3. Pressure vessel failure of the boiler due to inadequate construction or maintenance

Keystone Steam Supplies carries a full line of products to regulate and control boiler operation in order to prevent the first two of these failure modes (the third one is out of our control).

Steam boilers have been in use for well over 200 years. In 1698, Thomas Savery, an English military engineer and inventor, patented the first crude steam engine which was developed to pump water out of coal mines. (Necessity is the mother of invention.)