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Valve Repair Parts

Sometimes it makes more sense to rebuild a valve rather than replace it outright. This is because often taking the valve out of service is more trouble than it’s worth, or because repairing is more cost-efficient.

Valve repair parts include comprehensive rebuild kits, valve stem packings, valve discs, seats, pneumatic spring kits, soft seals, and many more items.

These repair parts are usually special order for the simple reason that there are so many valves out there, but we can help identify and source what you need.

Valve Repair Parts Available

Scroll the chart below to view some of the valve repair parts Keystone can supply. Please note that other valve repair parts, not listed here, may be available upon request.

Please contact us for questions, quotations and inquiries.

We supply valve repair parts:

Keystone supplies a variety of valve repair parts help you make sure that your valves are working in top condition.

Consider repairing an existing valve before looking at replacement options (which we can also help with).

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Do you have questions about valve repair parts?

It depends on the valve, manufacturer, and what exactly you are trying to replace. Sometimes, manufacturers will continue to offer repair parts for popular yet discontinued valves, but not always. Stem packings and soft seals are often possible to have made, but cast or machined items are a bigger challenge. When it doubt, contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.

Usually at the minimum, we need the valve make, model, size, and what you are trying to replace. For more complicated valves, ID plate photos and serial numbers are frequently required. We often assess information needs on a case-by-case basic to help you as best as we can. When in doubt, contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.