Valve Accessories

Valve Accessories

Not to be confused with Valve Repair Parts, Valve Accessories are items that go with valves to improve safety and quality of life. They can be either provided at the same time as the valve, or added after the fact.

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Valve Accessories Include (but are not limited to):

  • Chain Wheels, which allow hand-wheel controlled valves to be accessed from a distance
  • Safety covers for wall-mounted radiator valve temperature controls
  • Manual lock-shield radiator valve handles (requires a special tool to operate the valve)
  • Safety lockout kits for quarter-turn or wheel-handled valves
  • Valve maintenance tools such as tailpiece wrenches, cartridge socket tools, valve packing removal/installation tool sets, and others.

Chain Wheel Sizing Information

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Chain wheels make it easy to operate overhead valves safely from the floor. These products have been keeping workers around the world safe for over half a century. The chain wheels fit all standard valve sizes and can be operated by simply pulling on the sprocket chain. Even high-pressure valves can be made easy to operate with Hamer-Blow units, which fit all hand wheel sizes from 6″ to 36″.

The Hammer-Blow chain wheel kit includes the sprocket rim, chain guide and hammer-blow mechanisms. They are built from corrosion-resistant stainless-steel.

Solid Hubs are a type of chain wheel that mounts directly to the valve or geared operator stem instead of on the existing valve hand wheel. The solid hub controls the overhead valves and allows direct-to-shaft operation, making way for safety and efficiency. These special chain wheels typically come in cast or ductile iron, and also aluminum for corrosive applications. The wide range of sizes are suitable for most valves and stem diameters.