Reflex Sight Glass

Reflex Sight Glass

Reflex sight glass (‘B’ Series – pictured to the left) is a molded glass section that is available in various lengths and which has a smooth exterior (room) side and a grooved interior (liquid) side.

When purchasing ‘B’ Series, Reflex Glass, two gaskets are required (one gasket per side). These gaskets are not needed for flat sight glass.

Flat¬†sight glass¬†(‘A’ Series) is a a molded glass section, available in various lengths. This glass is completely flat on all sides.

Available Reflex Glass

Scroll through the chart before to locate the part number and technical data for the type of glass you are looking for. Note that each piece of Reflex glass requires two gaskets.

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Do you have questions about reflex series gauge glass?

Yes, please visit our flat sight glass page for more information about this type of glass.