Temperature Gauges are available in rectangular or dial styles, with options for units, temperature range, connection size, materials of construction and style. Thermowells for various probe lengths are available in both brass and stainless steel. Pressure gauges are available to measure vacuum, pressure, or a combination of the two. Different pressure ranges, units, connections, materials of construction and dial sizes can be selected.

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Having the right information about the status of steam or hydronic systems is an important part of running and maintaining them. Without that information problems might go unidentified, leading to any number of issues. With steam and hydronic systems, the most common readings needed are for temperature and pressure. These readings can be taken separately using a temperature or pressure gauge, or they can be measured simultaneously with a tridicator.

For steam service, pigtail syphons are often added to pressure gauges to limit the direct contact that the gauge has with high temperature steam. For protection against pressure surges, snubbers are available for use in air, water, and steam applications. 

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  • Thermometer, Pressure Gauge, or Tridicator
  • Options for temperature range
  • Options for vacuum and pressure ranges
  • Metric, Imperial or combination measurement units
  • Options for connection size and location
  • Options for gauge face size and style
  • Monitoring temperature of liquids and gases
  • Monitoring pressure of liquids and gases
  • Identifying potential issues with flow and process