Steam Trap Leak Detection

Purchase a steam trap leak detector (anywhere in the world), ask about our leak detector rental program (anywhere in Canada) or inquire about a steam trap survey (GTA and area only).

Are you looking to rent a steam trap leak detector? 

Keystone operates a leak detector rental program within Canada.

This is a cost-effective and efficient way to conduct your own steam trap survey.

Are you looking to purchase a steam trap leak detector?

Keystone sells a variety of steam trap leak detectors, including Ansonics, Red Diamond, Hypertone, DataMite and a more. We also sell loose components such as contact probes, sound concentrators, etc. 

This is a great solution if you frequently need to check for faulty steam traps.

Are you looking for a company to conduct a steam trap survey at your location?

Keystone is certified to conduct steam trap surveys and can do so within the GTA and most of Ontario