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Filters are used at various points in steam, hydronic, and air systems to keep them clear of dirt and other impurities that can damage equipment over time.

Available Filters & Accessories

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  • Single or multi-cartridge housing units for 10 inch, 20 inch or 30 inch lengths.
  • Cartridges come in lengths of 10, 20, or 30 inches, and in many  micron sizes.
  • Single cartridge units come with standard ¾ inch FNPT in-line connections.
  • Easy maintenance and cartridge changing.
  • Models available from popular brands such as Neptune, Filterite, GFO, Shelco and more.
  • Other sizes and styles available upon request.
  • Continuous cleanup of points within a steam, hydronic or air system.
  • Protection of equipment from contaminants.
  • Purification of steam before it comes into contact with a process or product.

Some Bypass Feeders can be equipped with a Filter Bag Kit, which then allows the Bypass Feeder to function simultaneously as a side stream filter. (A clean bag is rated at approximately 30 microns).

In order for a filter cartridge to be suitable for potable water, it has to have a filter medium and core of a suitable material. We stock the following four models of potable water-safe filter cartridges, and can supply others depending on your needs.


These filter cartridges have been FDA approved. See the above chart for more details on their specifications.