Gauge Glass Guardian

Gauge Glass Guardian

Gauge Glass Guardian, sold exclusively through Keystone Steam Supplies, is your safeguard against personal injury, which could be caused by the accidental breakage of tubular Gauge Glass and the leakage of steam or hot water that occurs as a result.

Built from clear, High-Temperature Resistant (122ºC/252ºF Continuous), Shatter-Resistant, Polycarbonate Tubing, this lightweight material is an inexpensive answer to keeping you and the glass tubes protected from damage. In the event of a leak, Gauge Glass Guardian will discolour, alerting you to the fact that your system requires immediate attention. 

Available Gauge Glass Guardian

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Available in 2” & 2½” O.D. x 1/8” Wall, slit and de-burred into (2) half-cylinder sections, precut to your specifications; or field-cut to the length you require. Fasten with worm-gear clamps. ‘Gauge Glass Guardian’ is also available in larger diameters as 96” lengths only.

  • Creates a 360 degree protective shield around the gauge glass
  • Transparent enough to make easy readings of liquid levels
  • Visual leak indicator
  • Cut to custom lengths to meet system needs

Gauge Glass Guardian can be used on boiler liquid level gauges and tank liquid level gauges. It can be used anywhere you find tubular sight glass.