Polycarbonate Tube

Polycarbonate Tubing

Polycarbonate tubing is a cost effective alternative to standard borosilicate sight glass in some non-boiler applications, coming in a range of diameters and wall thicknesses.

Available Polycarbonate Tubing

Scroll through the chart before to locate the part number and specs for the type of polycarbonate tubing you require.

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Do you have questions about polycarbonate tubing?

Yes, as long as you select the correct outside diameter (O.D.) for the given valve set and do not try to use the tubing beyond its safe temperature range

Yes, tube holders are recommended for extra long lengths because polycarbonate tubing does not have the same inherent rigidity that borosilicate glass does. Contact and ask us for more details.

Yes, polycarbonate is very versatile and is commonly offered as an alternative to ordering tubular sight glass if there is a long distance between Keystone and our customer. Unlike tubular sight glass, polycarbonate tubing does not easily break.

Polycarbonate tubing is rated for pressures up to 240 psi at a temperature of 72°. Please ensure that tubing is compatible with the media before placing an order with Keystone.

Additionally, polycarbonate tubing is not suitable for outdoor environments.