Keystone Valves

Valves of all types, supplied by Keystone Steam Supplies


We are Keystone Steam Supplies, a Canadian wholesaler of Steam Heating and Hydronic Equipment.

We are NOT the manufacturer of Keystone Butterfly Valves or other Keystone Products.

Because of the similarity with our name, we often receive international phone and email inquiries we are not equipped to handle. If you are looking for your local distributor for Keystone valves (particularly if you are outside of Canada) please visit Emerson Customer Care.

Keystone Can Help With:

  • Supplying Keystone butterfly valves to Canadian and American customers.
  • Supplying many valve types from other manufacturers
  • Supplying many other types of products (see the list below)

  • Keystone Cannot Help With:

  • Troubleshooting for Keystone valves or actuators
  • Requests from outside of Canada and the USA
  • Helping you find a local distributor

  • For all of the above, please visit Emerson Customer Care.

    Products from Keystone Steam Supplies:

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