Thermodynamic Repairs

Thermodynamic Steam Trap Repairs

Thermodynamic Steam Traps (also called Thermokinetic Traps) work with only one moving part – a stainless steel disc that cycles based on the pressure and velocity of steam or condensate. Over time, the disc eventually wears out and requires replacement for the steam trap to continue to work properly.

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Replacement covers, cover and disc kits and replacement screens are available upon request.

Usually, a thermodynamic steam trap needs to be repaired when the seat suffers wire wicking. This can happen when a piece of material or calcium gets lodged between the seat and the disc. This may cause a small groove in the seat (about the size of a small wire). Once the material is dislodged, the damage has been done to the seat, allowing the steam or condensate to get through.

Another circumstance is when the disc has been damaged, in which case the thermodynamic steam trap needs to be repaired. In which case, just get a new disc.

Ultimately, thermodynamic steam trap repairs are rare, but they do happen from time to time.